FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Can I come see my exam?

    A: Your TA will have the exams and will supervise any review of exam materials.

‚Äč2. Q: Can I go over my grade?
  A: Yes, again, your TA will handle all grade calculations and estimations.

3. Q: I missed class, what do I do?  

  A:  Get the notes from a student and the powerpoints from Blackboard.  Try not to miss too often.  If we had a writing assignment, it is your responsibility to know the topic and deadline and turn it in to me.

Personality Psychology

Spring 2017 Syllabus.docx

Spring 2017 Syllabus.docx

Lectures up to first exam:  


Study guide for EXAM 1: 


Indisutrial Organizational Psychology

Spring 2017 Syllabus3.docx

Sample chapter: Personality Psychology  Chapters 1 and 2.PDF